Secure Computing

Secure Computing Services in Long Island, NY

Employing secure computing solutions is more important than ever.

Every day, hackers and cyber criminals direct new and increasingly sophisticated attacks against businesses in their efforts to steal data, which when successful can cause a business to suffer significant financial losses and legal troubles to the point that many are forced to close their doors for good.

At UOTech, our staff has years of experience and the capabilities to take your cyber security to the next level. Our consultants will work with you and use their skills to secure your business, so you can protect it against modern day cyber threats.

Secure Infrastructure

Today, an organization has a trove of cyber security enhancements at their disposal but building an effective defense against cyber threats requires more than off-the-shelf solutions. Real protection from advanced digital threats means building a secure IT infrastructure, getting continuous help from experts, and partnering with a provider of secure computing services that can grow with your business and adapt when necessary to address future threats.

Cyber Security Services

Facing modern day threats and securing them is a fast-paced and never-ending race. To help protect your organization, UOTech’s consultants examine every aspect of your technology infrastructure, IT security, and network environment. This gives us the insight we need to design and implement a suite of secure computing services specifically for your unique needs and challenges. 

Our cyber security services include a variety of solutions that can help make your business more secure without sacrificing productivity, efficiency, or access, including:

  • Cyber Security Consulting
  • Cyber Security Audit
  • Cyber Security Monitoring
  • Ransomware Attack Remediation

Ransomware Attack Remediation

The FBI warns that ransomware is one of the fastest growing cyber threats and these attacks can sometimes be so sophisticated, that they can bypass even the most stringent security measures. For this reason, having access to ransomware attack remediation services is must for every modern organization.

UOTech’s ransomware services are designed to protect your organization from this type of attack. But in the event such an attack occurs, our highly trained team of ransomware remediation experts are quickly dispatched to help restore your data, solidify any security weaknesses to strengthen your network’s security, and help protect your business from loss.

Additionally, we continue to monitor your system to detect any potential threats, mitigate the damages you might incur, and reduce your operational downtime. We also educate your employees on the dangers of ransomware and how they can personally prevent it, so you can increase the chances of your network staying safe and protected.

With cyber threats continuing to grow in both occurrence and sophistication, you can’t afford not to have access to secure computing services that you can depend on. UOTech has the expertise and services you need to protect your organization.

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