Virtual CISO (vCISO) in Long Island, NY

Many businesses that already employ a CTO or CIO might not realize their need for a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO), but with cyber threats becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s economy, this role is fast becoming a must-have.

The reason is because whereas a CIO builds and implements new technology, the vCISO’s role is to build the security protocols around that new technology that is needed to ensure that critical data is managed securely.

A virtual CISO plays a vital role in a business because this role assesses security risk, manages third-party partnerships and access between vendors, safeguards valuable data, tests and audits new technology, and creates the policies and procedures an organization will follow during breach events. But as important as this role is, it can often be challenging for a business to find an experienced person to fill this role, let alone be able to afford the cost.

Virtual CISO Services That Meet 23 NYCRR 500 Department of Financial Services Requirements

At, we offer virtual CISO services that can provide your business with all the benefits of employing a Chief Information Security Officer at a fraction of the cost. And our vCISO services satisfy the 23 NYCRR 500 Department of Financial Services requirements, which require Third-Party vCISOs to:

  • Designate a senior member of the Covered Entity’s personnel responsible for direction and oversight of the Third-Party Service Provider
  • Maintain a cybersecurity program that protects the Covered Entity in accordance with the requirements
  • Report in writing at least annually to the Covered Entity’s board of directors or equivalent governing body. If no such board of directors or equivalent governing body exists, such report shall be timely presented to a Senior Officer of the Covered Entity responsible for the Covered Entity’s cybersecurity program. The CISO shall report on the Covered Entity’s cybersecurity program and material cybersecurity risks. The CISO shall consider to the extent applicable:
    • The confidentiality of Nonpublic Information and the integrity and security of the Covered Entity’s Information Systems
    • The Covered Entity’s cybersecurity policies and procedures
    • Material cybersecurity risks to the Covered Entity
    • The overall effectiveness of the Covered Entity’s cybersecurity program
    • Material Cybersecurity Events involving the Covered Entity during the time period addressed by the report.

Virtual CISO Services

Our virtual CISO services are customized to your business’ unique situation and IT security needs. Some of the key areas where our vCISO can assist your business include:

  • Assessment: Your vCISO can evaluate your company culture, your processes, and your technologies from a security governance perspective.
  • Oversight: Your virtual CISO can provide necessary ongoing support after analyzing the results of their assessments, including helping your business develop policies, procedures, remediation plans, and more.
  • Strategy Definition: Your vCISO will advise your executives across a variety of different business functions and IT to help assess your current security program, identify business threats, and create a security strategy to help protect your investments.
  • Training: Your virtual CISO can recommend and help implement essential training on a variety of security topics for every employee level within your organization.
  • IT Environment Security Design: If needed, your vCISO can provide your team with system hardening configuration guides and network designs to enhance security protections and streamline incident monitoring controls.

Experienced, well-qualified CISOs don’t last long in today’s competitive IT security job market and even if you find a candidate, you can expect their asking salary to take a deep cut into your operational budget. But with cyber threats on the rise, a modern business simply can’t afford to not have this role filled. Choosing’s virtual CISO services in Long Island, NY can offer your business with the perfect solution.

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