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UOTech.co Startup and Small Business Technology Solutions

You’re paving the way. We’re here to help.


You are an innovator. A groundbreaker. An entrepreneur. For you, technology is a blessing and a curse. It enables you to compete, to be seen and heard. It levels the field. But if it doesn’t work, it is devastating.

We understand.

You don’t have time for outages, for downtime, for missed opportunity. We recognize what you can do and we’re here to clear away the obstacles in your way.

We give you options.

We are your virtual IT Department. We support the work you do, the way you need to do it. We have your back so you can pave the way ahead. And we do it for less than your monthly coffee budget.

You are on the road less travelled. We’re with you.

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Technology Doesn't Have to be Challenging!

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How We Work

We build the right solution for your unique problems. We design all solutions to be resilient enough to withstand disaster while removing unnecessary complexity.

Technology Doesn’t have to be Challenging.

We believe that top-tier knowledge and support should be available to all businesses in all phases, Start-Up to Fortune 500. By giving your employees the best support they will be able to concentrate on what really matters: your customers and your business!

Your Technology, Managed

Our support, consulting, and experience will make your organization better able to be productive, our backup and continuity solutions will make you resilient, and our productivity offerings will make you agile.

Are you a:

Small Business or Startup?

Non-Profit, Healthcare, or Public Sector?

Mid-Sized Business, Large Business, or Enterprise?

Our Services

Our comprehensive Information Technology and Consulting services are performed by our highly trained, experienced, and professional staff.

Technical Support

Comprehensive IT Tech Support for small, medium, or large businesses.

IT Consulting

A sounding board for your Senior IT staff to develop ideas, plan, and implement changes.

Project Management

Develop and Implement Projects in coordination with your internal staff.

Start Up Support

You have big ideas, funding, and a business plan. We can help you implement your cloud or on-prem infrastructure to be scalable and highly available.

Managed IT Services

We can take over a single support task or your entire technology infrastructure with on-site and off-site staffing, 24/7 monitoring, and real time responses.

IT Security & Compliance

Audit support, compliance checks, and risk management. We work with you to ensure auditability and compliance.

Disaster Recovery & Continuity

We work with you to design a Business Continuity Policy and a Disaster Recovery Plan and work hand-in-hand to implement it if something happens.

Virtualization & Cloud

We can help you in your migration to a virtualized infrastructure – on-premise, cloud, or hybrid.