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UOTech.co Managed Services

Unlimited IT Support, no hassles.

We handle your users, computers, networks, backups, security, and compliance all in one place. Our platform is simple, intuitive, and secure.

Your Technology, Managed

We securitize and analyze your computers, tablets, phones, and servers so you can always work with confidence. You’ll be protected with the latest AntiVirus, Ransomware Protection, and Data Encryption solutions available.

IT Managed Services Can Save You 50% on the Cost of Your IT Operation

We manage and monitor your hardware, keeping track of the temperature it runs at, the free space of the drives, and the error logs of your systems to help prevent you from experiencing system outages and downtime.

If you do have issues with your systems, we handle the shipping and warranty repairs of these machines so you don’t have to. And if a device is out of warranty, we will provide aggressive pricing on parts and labor to get you back up and running quickly.

We handle the security, break-fix, patch management, and compliance so your IT Pros can innovate, optimize, and drive business decisions.

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UOTech.co MSP Programs Save You Money

Most companies are spending too much on their IT Operations. UOTech.co’s programs can save you money!


Reduction in IT Tech Support Budget vs In-House IT for the average 30 person company

Computers completely supported for the cost of one in-house IT technician

Monthly savings on IT Tech Support for the average 30 person company

Solution - UOTech.co Managed IT Services

Technology Doesn't Have to be Challenging!

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User Management

Our suite of technologies enable your users to have access to their documents and data from wherever they are, on whichever devices they are comfortable working with. You can seamlessly move from PC to tablet to phone to Mac, having your work synchronize in real time with your peers to collaborate where and when it works for you.

Your Users, Enabled

We will take off your plate exactly what you need. We offer customizable solutions for security, communication, and governance which can either supplement your existing technology staff or completely manage the operation for you.

We build your user access, collaboration, and communication platforms on the best in breed cloud offerings available today.

Are you a:

Small Business or Startup?

Non-Profit, Healthcare, or Public Sector?

Mid-Sized Business, Large Business, or Enterprise?

Our Services

Our comprehensive Information Technology and Consulting services are performed by our highly trained, experienced, and professional staff.

Technical Support

Comprehensive IT Tech Support for small, medium, or large businesses.

IT Consulting

A sounding board for your Senior IT staff to develop ideas, plan, and implement changes.

Project Management

Develop and Implement Projects in coordination with your internal staff.

Start Up Support

You have big ideas, funding, and a business plan. We can help you implement your cloud or on-prem infrastructure to be scalable and highly available.

Managed IT Services

We can take over a single support task or your entire technology infrastructure with on-site and off-site staffing, 24/7 monitoring, and real time responses.

IT Security & Compliance

Audit support, compliance checks, and risk management. We work with you to ensure auditability and compliance.

Disaster Recovery & Continuity

We work with you to design a Business Continuity Policy and a Disaster Recovery Plan and work hand-in-hand to implement it if something happens.

Virtualization & Cloud

We can help you in your migration to a virtualized infrastructure – on-premise, cloud, or hybrid.