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Compliance, Consulting, Security, and Fully Managed Services

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Managed Services

Desktop & Laptop Management


Patch Management

 Software Updates & Security Patches

Security & AntiVirus Management

 Antivirus and Ransomware Protection Software, Management, & Remediation

Hardware Management

 Software Updates & Security Patches

Complete Support for All of Your Laptops and Desktops

Server Management

Your Devices (Co-Managed IT Services)


Basic (Patch, AV, Hardware)

 Updates, Security Patches, Antivirus and Ransomware Protection, Hardware Monitoring & Warranty Repair

Advanced (Basic + Business Applicaiton)

 Basic + the management of a dedicated business application (MS Exchange, MS SQL, MySQL, Web Server, QuickBooks, etc.)

Our Devices (Hosted IT Services)


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

 We manage the cloud, virtual, or physical hardware. You manage the operating systems, security, and applications that run on them.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

 We give you a fully managed server environment, including the hardware, operating systems, and security controls. You manage the applications that run on them.

Network Management


Basic (Patch, Access Rules)

 Software Updates, Security Patches, Basic Port Forwarding Rules, Basic IDS/IPS, Basic Gateway AV, Gateway Anti-Spam & Web Filtering, & Warranty Repair

Advanced (Basic + Advanced Switch, Router, or Firewall Functionality

 Basic + the management of advanced firewall functionality including advanced application forwarding rules, BGP, VPN, SD-WAN, et al.

Professional Services

General Hourly Professional Services


Tier 1 Services: $95/hr

 Basic Break-Fix, PC Repair, General Implementation & Installation

Tier 2 Services: $125/hr

 Specialized Break-Fix, Server Repair, Server & Networking Implementation & Installation

Tier 3 Services: $200/hr

 Specialized Expert Consulting Services, Application and Architecture Services, & Remediation Services

Executive Consulting Services


vCIO (Virtual Chief Informatino Officer): $2,000/month

 2-hours onsite strategy meeting monthly, weekly 1-hour status update, strategy, and quality call, regular updates and reports on the state of the technology environment.

vCIO+: $6,500/month

 2-hours onsite strategy meeting monthly, direct integration with the organization’s management team for calls, projection, and strategy up to 15 hours per month.

vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer): 1,500/month

 Weekly updates about security environment, responses to audit questionnaires, and up to 5 hours of security audit support per month.

Security Services


HIPAA Security Risk Assessments

 HIPAA standards-based on premise evaluation, vulnerability assessment, full compliance review, policy and procedure review and audit

Vulnerability Assessment

 Scan internal devices and external public address blocks for known vulnerabilities and deliver results as a report.

Policy and Procedure Review

 Evaluate written policies and procedures for completeness and governance risks and audit the organization for compliance with the published policies.

On-site Compliance Review

 Perform announced or unannounced site visits to validate compliance with policies, procedures, and statutes.

Our Services

Our helpdesk operates 24/7/365.

Managed services included the contracted support hours only. Support outside of the contracted support hours is billable. comprehensive Information Technology and Consulting services are performed by our highly trained, experienced, and professional staff.

Technical Support

Comprehensive IT Tech Support for small, medium, or large businesses.

IT Consulting

A sounding board for your Senior IT staff to develop ideas, plan, and implement changes.

Project Management

Develop and Implement Projects in coordination with your internal staff.

Start Up Support

You have big ideas, funding, and a business plan. We can help you implement your cloud or on-prem infrastructure to be scalable and highly available.

Managed IT Services

We can take over a single support task or your entire technology infrastructure with on-site and off-site staffing, 24/7 monitoring, and real time responses.

IT Security & Compliance

Audit support, compliance checks, and risk management. We work with you to ensure auditability and compliance.


We work with you to design a Business Continuity Policy and a Disaster Recovery Plan and work hand-in-hand to implement it if something happens.

Virtualization & Cloud

We can help you in your migration to a virtualized infrastructure - on-premise, cloud, or hybrid.

Connect With Us

Technology Partners

We build partnership relationships with best-in-breed technology innovators to make sure you have access to the tools that will empower, enable, and secure your organization.

Our Operations

Where to Find Us

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Regional Operations

  • Garden City, NY
  • New York, NY
  • Hudson Valley, NY

Contact Hours

Our helpdesk operates 24/7/365.

Managed services included the contracted support hours only. Support outside of the contracted support hours is billable.


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